presents the annual Dususu awards since 2014

2017 SERAS CSR Award Nominee for Gender EQUALITY

I learned that it takes more than 'elected' chief executives such as Presidents & Prime Ministers to make a measurable difference to Girls Education & Gender Issues in Africa. The DUSUSU Awards does recognize the impact made by African First Ladies [powerful forces behind Presidents], and African Gender Ministers [policy executors for Presidents]. It encourages them to do even more! 

Alongside Coke and Lafarge, DUSUSU Foundation is nominated in Africa's biggest Annual CSR Awards for Gender Equality.

Tanzania First Lady 2014

Kenya First Lady 2015

Namibia First Lady 2016

Senegal First Lady 2017

Mozambique First Lady 2018

Cape Verde First Lady 2019

Mauritius Gender Minister 2014

Ghana Gender Minister 2015

2016 DUSUSU Gender Minister

Rwanda Gender Minister 2017

Ghana Gender Minister 2018

Jamaica Gender Minister 2019